Driope 6 - Blond

An easy light blond top fermented beer. This tasty refreshing summer beer has a firm hoppy nose and well balanced taste full of citrus strokes (Alc. 6,2 % vol.) A solid cloud of foam makes the delightful hop flavours really punch through.


The subtle bitterness and explicit citrus flavour coming from the 3 applied hop varieties, makes this a smooth and tasteful beer, ideal to enjoy on a sunny terrace.

This beer is dry-hopped to make maximum use of the high quality hops.

Driope 8 - Triple

A very hoppy high gravity Triple, easily drinkable despite of it's strong alcohol content (Alc. 8 % vol.)


Very spirited beer, spicy on the tongue, with special long lasting after taste.

The 3 hop varieties create the balanced bitterness and the pronounced hop flavours, with striking citrus-touch. As result of the dry hopping (adding extra hop in the tank) the hop flavours get extra accentuated.

We use hops of highest quality, cultivated by Belgian hop farmers.


The abundant and hoppy flavour create a very enjoyable beer.


The name 'Driope' is related to the greek mythology (see below), but also refers to the 3 hop varieties and the dry hopping technique we make use of during the brewing process.

Driope 10 - Quadrupel

A very strong alcohol content Quadruple (10 % Vol.) with hoppy flavours. A full and balanced taste of chocolate and caramel, with few rest sugars. Also brewed with 3 highest quality hop varieties cultivated by Belgian hop farmers.


As we do not use any additifs the dark colour is not the result of adding liquid caramel, but is the result of the chocolate- en caramel malt that has been used in our recipe.


A beer to be enjoyed at leisurely to thoroughly experience the extensive flavours.

The tree nympf

The name 'Driope' is originating from the greek mythology.


Driope was a beautiful young girl one dag slandering with her young son and her sister, gathering nice lotus flowers to make a garland. However the tree was not a lotus, but it was 'Lotis', a dryade that was hiding herself because she was chased.

At the very spot Driope had picked the blossoms, now blood poured out of her branches. Lotis was very angry, cryed out from pain and anger and immediately changed Driope into a tree nymph.


From that day on her own life was connected to the life of the tree she had to protect. Therefore she can be seen as a symbol for respect and protection of nature.

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